Christian Joachim Gruber. In the background: The Science Tower in Graz
Active Mobility, E-Scooter, and Carpools: A discussion with Franz Prettenthaler, the Director of the LIFE Institute, and Christian Joachim Gruber from…
Stakeholder workshop on the effects of carbon pricing
With the final stakeholder workshop, the FARECarbon project has entered the finishing straight.
What do you think about the climate crisis? An exciting discussion in a multi-ethical round
As part of the CLEANcultures project, around 40 participants from different religions and worldviews discussed the responsibilities of human beings in…
Climate policy and social justice
The results of the TransFAIR Styria project are now available online.
Franz Prettenthaler with the presenters
How does climate change affect health? That was the topic of an online event organized by the Health Tech Hub Styria. Franz Prettenthaler from LIFE…
Better Hard- and Software for the Energy Transition
From 18 to 19 January 2023, the kick-off of the Horizon Europe project OPENTUNITY took place in Valencia.
New European project Invest4Nature to boost investments in nature-based solutions
15 European organisations meet in Graz and partner up to build a market for nature-based solutions
Expert Notification: On Estimating GHG Emissions and Primary Energy of Vehicles Tested in Green NCAP - LCA Methodology and Data
Expert Notification on the methodology paper published in April 2022.
Sustainability, Climate Protection and Culture will help to shape the "New European Bauhaus”
Implementation options for more design sustainability and acceptance in our living spaces
LIFE expands its office in Carinthia with addition of the topic "Climate Neutral Production"
Combatting climate change requires the sustainable transformation of the economy towards greenhouse gas-neutral, resource-efficient and…
Floodrisk 2020: LIFE presents new research findings
With its holistic approach, LIFE creates new perspectives for a socially inclusive flood risk management.
f. l. Martin Beermann, Franz Prettenthaler and Gerfried Jungmeier with the battery life cycle tester
As of the end of January 2021, there were over 45,000 all-electric passenger cars in Austria. This is less than 1% of all vehicles on Austria's roads,…
Screenshot des virtuellen BRIDGE-Meeting im März 2021 mit den geplanten Tarifänderung für Local Energy Communities in den Ländern Österreich, Italien, Portugal und Frankreich
From March 2nd to 4th 2021 the annual meeting of the BRIDGE initiative took place virtually.
Comprehensive work on tourism and climate change published
Tourism and Climate Change, edited by Ulrike Pröbstl-Haider, Dagmar Lund-Durlacher, Marc Olefs and Franz Prettenthaler
Gestapelte Sandsäcke vor einer Eingangstür als lokale Schutzmaßnahme gegen Hochwasser.
Best Paper Awards recognize scientific publications as particularly relevant contributions.
The project team with director Franz Prettenthaler at the rooftop garden for research science tower in Graz.
The prize was awarded for the project Smart City Rooftop Farming for combining nature based solutions with the production of food on urban rooftop.
A prediction system for snow management optimization: PROSNOW is heading into the finishing straight
With the final – this time virtual – General Assembly, the European project PROSNOW is heading into the finishing straight. A showcase access allows…
JOANNEUM RESEARCH is now member of the agri benchmark Fish network
LIFE gained extensive expertise in the field of fisheries and aquaculture through its activities in the process support of specific funding programs…
LIFE shows the way to climate neutrality
From 12 - 14 February 2020, the 16th Symposium on Energy Innovation took place at the Graz University of Technology entitled "ENERGY FOR FUTURE -…
Energy Lifestyles in the focus
ECHOES HORIZON 2020 project successfully completed: Large-scale Europe-wide survey on energy behaviour provides insights.
H2020 STORY results presented at ETIPSNET workshop in Paris
During a workshop of the stakeholder network „Smart Networks for Energy Transitions“ (ETIP SNET) on November, 14th in Paris, Mag. Andreas Türk, MBA …
Concentrated LIFE expertise at Climate Services conferences
On November, 13th 2019, events were held in Paris and Tervuren/Brussels on the topic of "Climate Services" with exciting contributions from LIFE.
Smart City Rooftop Farming: Workshop on Planting Strategy 2020
For one year now, various fruits and vegetables have been growing on the roof of the Science Tower. This prompted LIFE Centre Director Dr. Franz…
International Conference on Energy Communities
An international conference on Energy Communities was held in Lisbon on 9 October. Energy communities have been defined within the framework of the…
On the way to a climate friendly cycling infrastructure
At the 12th Austrian Cycling Summit in Graz, Judith Köberl (JR LIFE) and Thomas Rath (Bike Citizens) presented a tool to support climate-resistant…
STORY Projectmeeting in Brussels

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STORY Projectmeeting in Brussels

From 15th to 17th of April 2019 the 9th STORY project meeting took place in Brussels.
FUTURE OF LIFE - Renewable Energy Revolution through Decentralized Energy Systems
Within the scope of the project "FUTURE OF LIFE - 150 Years Lichtenfelsgymnasium", Mag. Andreas Türk, head of the LIFE research group International…
FUTURE OF LIFE - Climate Impacts and Paris Lifestyle
Within the scope of the project "FUTURE OF LIFE - 150 Years Lichtenfelsgymnasium", JR LIFE Director Franz Prettenthaler welcomed 19 students of the…
New climate service for cycling planning
JOANNEUM RESEARCH LIFE presented a new climate service, which has been developed in cooperation with the Graz start-up Bike Citizens, to support city…
Natural disasters: Solutions for prevention and damage management are more important than ever
Climate-related natural disaster events increase. The Austrian population is more and more confronted with the consequences of extreme weather events.…
Critical raw materials for electric vehicles
LIFE is now working with the International Energy Agency (IEA) to investigate future scenarios for critical raw materials in the field of…
LIFE-Publication „Biorefineries“
On October 30, 2018, the book "The Role of Bioenergy in the Bioeconomy: Resources, Technologies, Sustainability and Policy" has been published. LIFE…
Kick-off of the EU-H2020 project COMPILE
The project launch of "COMPILE Integrating Community Power in Energy Islands" took place at the kick-off meeting on 8 and 9 November 2018 in the…
Smart Grids Week 2016

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Smart Grids Week 2016

Decentralized Digital Energy Systems