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AKUT: Acoustic Tunnel Monitoring

Automatic detection of critical incidents in tunnels


The time that passes from the time of an incident until the tunnel management is alerted is crucial during a critical event and can be minimized by the innovative security system “Acoustic Tunnel Monitoring”.

The typical sounds heard in active tunnels are noises from motors, tires rolling and passing traffic. Noise anomalies, such as the impact of a vehicle against the tunnel wall, the sound of two vehicles crashing, squealing tires, the impact of lost cargo, etc., as well as anomalies in the sound of individual vehicles can be recognized by tunnel-mounted microphones.

In this way, various measures can be taken immediately and start automatically when faults are detected in a certain section. Precious time that is won helps both parties involved in the accident and the vehicles following can be supported in the best possible way and prevent additional accidents.

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