Digital Healthcare Solutions

We develop and study intelligent software systems to provide safe and evidence-based support for complex clinical processes. We aim to enable professional medical decision-making and adequate patient care by providing modern ICT solutions directly at the point of care.

Reference Projects
  • GlucoTab
    Digital blood glucose management and insulin therapy for hospitalised Type 2 diabetes patients

  • GlucoTab@Home
    Algorithm-Based Insulin Therapies for Patient Self-Management

  • GlucoTab@MobileCare
    Algorithm-Based Diabetes Therapy in Domiciliary Care

    Clinical Decision Support and Benchmarking in Acute Geriatrics Units

  • OPCheck
    Innovative Process Digitization in the Operating Room

  • IdRis
    Identification and prediction of risk potentials of elderly through digital biomarkers

  • MedSens
    Early detection of diabetic foot syndrome and pressure ulcers through intelligent insoles and seat cushions