Styriamat - Online tool for orientation in professional training and further education

Detail of the prototype, Photo: JOANNEUM RESEARCH

In the course of advancing digitalisation, as with every technological disruption, there are significant changes in the labour market. A large number of occupations are confronted with a change in job profiles, resulting in opportunities and risks for workers.

In addition, there are signs of an increasing mismatch on the labor market, with the required skills and training not being able to be covered – or only to a limited extent – ​​by the available workforce.

For these purposes, an online platform was to be developed and implemented within the framework of this funding project, which is now available as a concept and in prototype form. The tool takes on a matching function, which compares career opportunities, competence requirements as well as possible training and further education with the users' own skills and preferences.

The platform is based on a database that combines different data sources (O*Net, ESCO, ISCO, AMS).  With the help of network analysis methods, those competences can be identified (based on the O*Net classification) that are of higher importance for the exercise of an occupation compared to other competences. In addition, skills that are required together for the exercise of occupations - so-called complementary skills - can be recognized, and thus potential competence clusters can also be analysed.

Prototype features:

  • open career change (similar jobs in my (thematic or mathematical) vicinity)
  • specific career change (specific comparison of two professions based on standardised competence profiles)
  • career choice help based on a questionnaire as well as the empirical database

The prototype developed is to be further developed into a fully functional online platform within the framework of follow-up projects, although an exact timeframe is still difficult to foresee.

The project was carried out in cooperation with the University of Graz and financed with funds from the Styrian Future Fund of the Office of the Styrian Provincial Government.

Online support for career choice and career change through an internet platform.

Der Styriamat-Prototyp, Foto: JOANNEUM RESEARCH