DIGITAL is part of ÖBB's digitization offensive

TARO - Towards Automated Rail Operation: under this motto, the Austrian Federal Railways laid a foundation stone in digitization in order to contribute to a doubling of the performance of the rail system by 2040. The DIGITAL Institute was able to contribute its expertise in the creation of digital twins of the rail infrastructure to the innovative research project.

Credit: 3D model ÖBB infrastructure, JOANNEUM RESEARCH
Credit: 3D model ÖBB infrastructure, JOANNEUM RESEARCH


Automation and digitization in the rail system are important factors for climate protection in order to increase the performance of the Austrian rail system and increasingly become a more climate-friendly alternative. Comprehensive digitization can bring about an increase in performance of up to 25%.

This includes transferring the existing rail infrastructure into a digital map that is as detailed as possible. Modern mobile mapping sensors provide the necessary three-dimensional data, and AI methods interpret this data and combine it into individual objects such as poles, rails, sleepers. Such a comprehensive 3D twin can then be linked to maintenance plans and inventory lists, or serve as the basis for simulations of the rail traffic of the future.

You want to learn more about the TARO project? You can find everything about the individual work packages and the results of the project in the project film or on the project website.



This project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology and the FFG.

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