DIGITAL is Part of the CLAIRE Research Network

DIGITAL has been accepted as a member of the CLAIRE Research and Innovation Network, helping to ensure European excellence in all areas of AI, with a human-centred focus.

Logo from CLAIRE research and innovation network
Credit: CLAIRE


Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a global game changer and a key driver of innovation, future growth and competitiveness. It will fundamentally change the way we live and work and is crucial for addressing major societal challenges.

The CLAIRE research and innovation network aims to strengthen European excellence in AI research by creating a Europe-wide network of artificial intelligence research laboratories. Its members from research groups and institutions work together to achieve CLAIRE's vision:

European excellence across all of AI, for all of Europe, with a human-centred focus.

The CLAIRE research network currently comprises around 400 laboratories and institutions from 36 European countries, with over 22,000 people working in them.