Demo: Virtual Director for Live Event Broadcast

Publication from Digital

Kaiser R., Weiss W., Borsum M., Kochale A., Masetti M., Zampichelli V.

ACM New York, NY, USA ©2012 Proceedings of the 20th ACM international conference on Multimedia, p1281-1282, 2012


We demonstrate the Production Scripting Engine (PSE), a Virtual Director software automatically selecting, framing and cutting camera shots as part of an interactive live broadcast production system. It reasons for multiple viewers with different devices and preferences in parallel within real-time constraints. The PSE takes individual parameters into account and executes a set of pragmatic and cinematographic principles to decide which of the available content is shown. The decision making process is distributed and takes a rule-based approach with exchangable production logic and domain models. The demo uses recorded content from both a high-resolution 180 degree panoramic camera and broadcast cameras. Extracted metadata from both automatic and manual annotation are indexed in an efficient knowledge base, which streams it to the PSE to simulate a live broadcast. We use a specific renderer that allows to view spherical content. Viewers may experience the output on 2 different devices and tweak preferences to adapt the Virtual Director's behavior.