NFC in the K-Project Secure Contactless Sphere smart RFID technologies for a connected world

Publication from Digital

Herwig Zeiner, Werner Haas

Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik , 1/2013


Representatives from the entire RFID supply chain have come together to form a consortium to work on the K-Project Secure Contactless Sphere (SeCoS). The aims of the project are to develop a Web of Things platform with built-in NFC support which places the highest demands on security and protection of privacy. Research will be carried out in three important thematic fields to enable secure mobile NFC applications. The first research activity focuses on defining the service architecture
 and implementing the core components of the Web of Things application platform, which is built on a message driven paradigm. The second research activity develops and assesses security and privacy policy enhancing technologies for NFC devices. The third research activity aims at achieving higher data rates with NFC systems through innovative design solutions. Finally, the project shows the research results in concrete demonstrators.