Reflectance of various snow types: measurements, modeling, and potential for snow melt monitoring.

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Jouni I. Peltoniemi, Juha Suomalainen, Teemu Hakala, Jyri Näränen, Eetu Puttonen, Sanna Kaasalainen, Manuela Hirschmugl, Johanna Torppa

Relectance of various snow types: measurements, modelling and potential for snow melt monitoring , 1/2010


Seasonal snow covers large parts of the northern hemisphere annually. It can change the albedo of the surfaces from dark to bright overnight (and back), causing significant climate feedback (Manninnen and Stenberg, 2008; Flanner and Zender, 2006; Pirazzini, 2008; Nolin and Frei, 2001; Roesch et al., 2001). It forms large energy reservoirs which can be exploited by hydro energy power plants, and is the source of big floods when melting. It can significantly impact traffic and construction safety. It changes living and environmental conditions radically, and has major recreational value.