Transferring Data in Disaster Management

Publication from Digital

Karin Rainer and Ines Levy and Georg Neubauer and Georg Thallinger, Markus Glanzer

FAIMA Business \& Management Journal , 1/2016


Crises and disasters occur all over the world with the highest impact on the most vulnerable groups in society. Generating a trusted status of information out of a multitude of reliable and relevant data about a critical situation is a priority for effective and coordinated disaster management and relief measures delivered by governmental organizations (GOs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Data gathering, processing, information visualization (internal as well as external) and dissemination for decision support and mitigation is performed via a number of different channels. The QuOIMA-project, funded by the Austrian Security Research Program KIRAS, focused on the various possibilities to use publicly available, open source data generated in the sphere of traditional (online distributed) and social media.