archivis pro in the Carinthian Provincial Archives: Archiving Software

DIGITAL has developed the Archive Information System KLAIS for the Carinthian Provincial Archives.

For this purpose, an existing proprietary database solution was migrated to archivis pro. KLAIS includes a powerful Desktop Client for the management of the collections as well as a web module that allows free access over the Internet to the Archive Information System.

Given comprehensive technical specifications, DIGITAL was able to offer the Carinthian Provincial Archives a new system that was based on a standard product archival information system, and which also allowed the migration of data from the existing database.

A special feature of this project was the data acquisition process. Because the entire data migration had generally been performed by our own IT specialists in the past, it was of interest to see if the users themselves could transfer the data during this project. That meant that the data transfer instructions had to be written in a form accessible to the general public, so that they could be followed non-specialists without difficulties.

Numerous workshops were held during which sufficient knowledge was passed on to explain the program and train personnel to use the system. The project manager could subsequently perform the data migration from the previous system with the staff of the provincial archive in-house.

The many possibilities that archivis pro offers, frequently awaken new desires in the user and illustrate new ways of using the system. This often required re-thinking previously defined workflows and customizing the configuration of the system. This exact, flexible development process in small iterations allows the optimal mapping of specific user sequences and the the refinement of the associated data entry screens and search masks.

The release of the web-based research tool KLAIS (Klagenfurt State Archive Information System), which occurred in December 2012, was surely the highlight of the project completion. The public can conduct research using 300,000 archival records without any access restrictions via the Homepage of the Carinthian Provincial Archive. In addition to a “simple” full-text search, an advanced search for more complex queries is available and the stock inventory that corresponds to the archive plan can be used as a navigational aid.

The project to implement our archivis pro in the Carinthian Provincial Archives was an exciting and challenging task. We were able to gain more experience with archival work that could then be integrated into our product archivis pro and made available to other users.

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