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Cutting-edge information technologies and the associated digitization of information allow efficient solutions to be developed to preserve cultural heritage. For many years, DIGITAL has cooperated closely with renowned European cultural organizations in order to develop innovative software solutions. Meanwhile, several hundred organizations are already engaged in the daily task of conservating cultural heritage objects using products developed by JOANNEUM RESEARCH.


Augusta Raurica, a Roman colonial settlement that had about 20,000 inhabitants nearly 2,000 years ago, is located just to the east of Basel, near the border junctions of Switzerland, France and Germany. The traces left behind by Celtic natives and immigrants from the Mediterranean region have now been excavated to a considerable extent and are accessible in the largest open-air archaeological museums in northwestern Switzerland. The Roman city of Augusta Raurica annually attracts about 140,000 visitors, tourists and school children.

In the course of over 400 years, more than 1.5 million objects found have accumulated in sites within the Roman settlement. Information about each of the objects was linked to the specific excavation site and extensive databases about the local restoration project were stored and managed using imdas pro, an information management system developed by DIGITAL. This solution has already been accepted as the quasi-standard throughout German-speaking Switzerland.

Solution to preserve cultural heritage

Documentation and inventorying

We offer a range of solutions that contribute to the conservation, preservation and improved accessibility of cultural heritage objects. New advances in digitization have brought us from the level of the original paper index cards to today's high-definition films and videos and allow us to develop software solutions that can provide assistance for (nearly) all work processes. This software can provide support for the registration and cataloging of the objects, scientific analysis, exhibition planning, and the creation of websites and catalogs.

In recent years, DIGITAL could win several international contract bids to develop information systems for archaeologically use with a holistic solution, imdas pro, combined with an excellent fund of practical knowledge and advice. If it is possible to migrate existing data sets from historical databases into a new, sustainable and more advanced information system, DIGITAL offers its team of experts and imdas pro as the optimal, customized solution.

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