Research Area

Security and Mobility

We combine our systematically accrued knowledge about applications that can address challenges arising in the areas of safety - and security technology and transport telematics with our increasingly refined technological foundation to find solutions that are specially designed to work in real-life situations. Signals collected from imaging, acoustic and other sensors - on the ground or in the air - are processed using secure software systems with complex algorithms in real time.


AKUT: "The Ears of the Tunnel" increase road safety in tunnels.

ARGUS: The airplane-carried multi-sensor records signals and provides evaluation solutions, quickly giving a vital overview during disasters.

Cyber Security and Security-Relevant Applications

We develop tailored security models for your IT infrastructure that are focussed on real world vulnerabilities. We develop software that combines the strengths of existing tools to perform risk analysis, derive protective measures and to validate their effectiveness. Results are presented clearly and thus enable rapid decision-making. We have at our disposal several decades of experience in the development of applications for security-relevant infrastructure that enables us to develop the results from research project in such a way that they can be transformed into marketable products.

Our many years of experience with machine learning algorithms and rule-based processes are used to successfully detect anomalies in data streams and hence to detect cyber attacks.


Security research applications

Our applications in the area of security research help avoid disruptions of critical transport infrastructures, losses of power supplies or disruptions in industry settings, or hinder attacks on these infrastructures - both from the physical world and cyberspace. Our solutions support workforces, help combat vandalism and make contributions in the interest of public and private safety.

Highly Automated Driving


Telematic applications for traffic and transport

In telematic applications, our approaches work to improve road safety and improve planning and traffic management, not only at the level of the primary road network, but also in urban areas, and even for air traffic. Other technologies allow traffic data to be processed efficiently and safely. Modern visualization techniques and mobile applications guarantee optimal decision support, improve processes of participation during transport planning projects, or help create barrier-free access to public transportion.


Defence Research: Opportunities and Innovations

Commemorative brochure on the occasion of the renewal of the cooperation agreement between JR and the Ministry of Defence in Graz, 21 September 2018

Products: Aerial photography and evaluation system, geo-oriented control room solutions for security applications, mobile information systems for emergency responders, identification of unusual events, AKUT, ViaSense monitoring of parking spaces, ViaSense traffic jam / density evaluation, ViaSense People Counter


Projects: TRIDEC, SERSCIS, MoSeS4eGov, AREA-MUMOSIS next, EVIVA, AIRWATCH, EN MASSE, SASISA, EVES, QuOIMA, ways2gether, De-Montes, Vision+ Dibit, VAN-DAL, DIBMETSAT, NET-FLOW, HI-MONI, iObserve NG, M2DynS

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