International Coordination in the WildLifePRO network

JOANNEUM RESEARCH takes on the role of international coordinator in the WildLifePRO cooperation network for the conservation of ecosystems, biodiversity and safeguarding animal welfare.

Ibex in the mountains.
Ibex with telemetry band. Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH


The WildLifePRO cooperation network, funded by the German Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM), is committed to the conservation of our ecosystems, biodiversity and safeguarding animal welfare, which are elementary components for the continued existence of the Earth and humanity.

WildLifePRO focuses, among other things, on animal monitoring (e.g. in reintroduction or release programmes) or on technical solutions for animal management (e.g. in zoological facilities) and aims to develop innovative solutions for the welfare of wild and zoo animals.

Harald Ganster from JOANNEUM RESEARCH - DIGITAL has now been appointed international coordinator in the network. The task of the international coordinator is to act as the central contact person outside Germany for the PromoTool network management facility.

The focus of the cooperation is on the development of cooperative relationships between the German, Austrian and Swiss network partners, the conception and implementation of joint research and development projects as well as public relations work to further increase the profile of the network.

Harald Ganster was introduced to the network partners in this role at the 4th WildLifePRO network meeting on 27 October 2021 at the Tierpark Berlin.



Impressions from the meeting. Credit: Promotool


JOANNEUM RESEARCH can look back on successful participation in projects on the development of a wildlife telemetry system, ESA-ARTES study on service development for "Animal Tracking from Space", as well as monitoring activities in the reintroduction of ibex.


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