Research Area

Intelligent Information Systems and Mobile Solutions

Data and information that are available everywhere today allow the creation of new and innovative solutions for information retrieval. Using the latest software technologies and modern mobile devices, DIGITAL has already created a variety of solutions that will help significantly increase how efficiently information is used in different areas of application.

Contextual path information is displayed directly on real images.


The LKH-University Clinic in Graz has an area of approximately 60 acres and contains nearly ten kilometers of roads, making it the largest hospital in Europe. Approximately 85,000 patients are hospitalized annually and approximately 800,000 outpatients are treated. Therefore, patients and visitors often find it difficult to locate the appropriate clinic or station directly and quickly. Using an innovative mobile application, DIGITAL developed an intelligent information system that easily and efficiently guides visitors to the nearest entrance of the desired clinic or station. For this purpose, a novel intuitive navigation system was developed which integrates Augmented Reality technology and an optimized pedestrian route planning system.



Results of current research

We develop solutions using current research findings in the areas of information technology and methods of state-of-the-art software development to meet specific customer requirements. We apply our extensive knowledge about requirements engineering, database management systems (RDBMS), client-server technologies, service-oriented architecture (SOA), modern web-based applications and mobile apps in a targeted manner. The following examples show what we offer.


Customized solutions

Our core tasks include the analysis of specific problems, the demonstration of efficient solutions and, ultimately, assistence in the use of technical software. Customized solutions can be developed through the combination of research expertise from across the entire institute or company. An example of this is the optimization of transport orders.

Mobile devices

Mobile devices are becoming more and more important to gain personalized access to information. The sensors integrated in these units allow precise, contextual user recognition and the development of a new generation of applications that automatically adapt themselves to the user’s performance and situation. Technology from DIGITAL has supported the evolutionary leap from passive information systems to interactive, context-sensitive help and suggestion systems.


Internet of Things

Short-range communication technologies such as RFID and NFC are considered cornerstones of the Internet of Things, in which objects are clearly identifiable through the use of communication technologies and also can exchange information in a partially automated way with one other. This allows new application scenarios to automate processes, which we develop from conception to implementation.

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