LIFE goes China

Hans-Peter Ellmer and Francesca Tedeschini participated in the International REGREEN Workshop in Ningbo for LIFE.

LIFE goes China
LIFE at the International REGREEN Workshop in Ningbo, Credit: REGREEN


The Institute LIFE of JOANNEUM RESEARCH, represented by Hans-Peter Ellmer and Francesca Tedeschini, played an active role at the International REGREEN Workshop in Ningbo.

The multi-day meeting enabled an intensive exchange on challenges and solutions on the path of green transformation in China and Europe. At the workshop, Hans-Peter Ellmer presented approaches to financing and innovative business models in the field of nature-based solutions. A study tour offered insights into how Chinese cities with millions of inhabitants are endeavouring to create sustainable living spaces for nature and people with large-scale projects in the areas of coastal management, green and blue infrastructure. The event was organised by the Institute of Urban Environment (IUE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Ningbo.

This was the first physical meeting with our Chinese partners of the Horizon2020 project REGREEN, which aims to promote nature-based solutions for equitable, green and healthy cities.




Credit: Institute of Urban Environment Ningbo