Best of Advanced Materials Technologies 2022

A joint publication by MATERIALS and TU Graz was chosen as one of the best papers of 2022 in the field of "Advanced Materials Technologies".

Best of Advanced Materials Technologies 2022
Kern-Schale-Nanostäbchen-Sensorkonzept (credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH)


The journal Advanced Materials Technologies recently selected its outstanding articles published in 2022 by experts from around the world. This carefully compiled collection showcases remarkable achievements in the field of materials technologies.

One of the selected publications is our paper entitled "Smart Core-Shell Nanostructures for Force, Humidity and Temperature Multi-Stimuli Responsiveness", published in cooperation with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anna Coclite (TU Graz, Institute of Solid State Physics) under the lead of first author Taher Abu Ali. The publication was carried out within the framework of the ERC project SmartCore, which was coordinated by TU Graz and focused on the production of smart artificial skin.

Congratulations to the authors, especially to Taher Abu Ali, for this success!

All selected publications can be read for free in the virtual edition 'Best of Advanced Materials Technologies 2022' for a limited time.



Smart Core-Shell Nanostructures for Force, Humidity, and Temperature Multi-Stimuli Responsiveness

Taher Abu Ali, Philipp Schäffner, Maria Belegratis, Gerburg Schider, Barbara Stadlober​​​​​​​, Anna Maria Coclite,