Xfold Imaging won Photonics 21 Innovation Award using our R2R technology

Our customer Xfold Imaging Oy from Finland was awarded the Photonics 21 Innovation Award at this year's Photonics 21 Annual Meeting on April 27th in Brussels.

Xfold Imaging won Photonics 21 Innovation Award using our R2R technology
R2R pilot line, credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH


Xfold Imaging Oy (Xfold) is a start-up from Aalto University, Finland, and produces nanostructured plasmonic glass/plastic slides for bioimaging and diagnostic applications.

As part of the OITB project EMERGE (Emerging Printed Electronics Infrastructure), Xfold was supported by our scientists from the research group Hybrid Electronics and Patterning (Institute MATERIALS). Within this collaboration large area signal-enhancing plasmonic structures for research and diagnostic applications by means of R2R Nanoimprint Lithography could be produced. For this purpose, we characterized the master provided by Xfold and produced a roll-to-roll polymer stamp from it. With this polymer stamp, we were able to replicate the Xfold structures on PET film on our R2R pilot line, demonstrating an important step towards upscaling for mass production.

"The technology helps enhance weak optical signals and can be produced on a variety of substrates such as silicon, glass and polycarbonate and cut into various sizes," explained Nagarajan Subramaniyam, CEO and co-founder of Xfold, at the Photonics 21 Annual Meeting 2023, explicitly highlighting the collaboration with our MATERIALS institute.

Upwinding of signal-enhancing plasmonic structures on 125 µm thick PET film, credit: Xfold

Photonics21 Innovation Award

The European technology platform Photonics21 established this special innovation competition to push for more entrepreneurship in photonics. The award addresses PhD students, master students, and young entrepreneurs who have an idea for a photonics product that can be turned into a real business or product. Any person working in the field of optics and photonics can apply for the "Photonics21 Innovation Award".


About the project EMERGE

The EU project EMERGE provides researchers, SMEs and industry with broader, easier and more efficient access to a world-class infrastructure platform for research in sustainable and flexible large-area printed electronics and photonics (FLAPEP). 11 RTOs from all over Europe, including JOANNEUM RESEARCH, have joined forces to support and promote the research activities of external users and to enable innovation along the entire FLAPEP value chain.

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