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Optical Sensors based on S-Layer proteins

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Scheicher Sylvia , Kainz Birgit, Köstler Stefan, Konrad Christian, Michael Suppan, Bizzarri Alessandro, Pum Dietmar, Sleytr Uwe B., Ribitsch Volker

Proceedings of IEEE Sensors 2007. Atlanta: 600-603. , 2007


In this paper the use of a special class of self assembling protein materials for optical sensor
technology is discussed. These S-layer proteins were reassembled into well defined nanostructures on solid
sensor surfaces. The covalent immobilization of fluorescent dyes onto these protein structures was
investigated. Following this approach a new oxygen sensitive system based on S-layers functionalized with
Pt(II) metalloporphyrin is described. A luminescence lifetime based measurement system for dissolved oxygen
sensing was successfully developed.

Keywords: biosensor Oxygen Sensor protein S-Layer Fluorescence


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