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Innovative and individual

Costumized solutions

Using the latest research and software development findings, we design and implement innovative, customized solutions. To address specific customer requirements, applications and web solutions are created that are optimized for use with mobile devices as well as for classic desktop computers.

Representation of routing options for transportation tasks with specific conditions.

Optimization of transport routes

Representing routing options with particular boundary conditions for transportation tasks Optimization of transport routes. For the management of transport, and associated optimization of transport routes, DIGITAL developed new software architecture and improved route algorithms on behalf of a Styrian company. These components contributed to a significant leap in innovation for the company and are productively in use in several installations.

Solutions from a single source

Through communication and cooperations within our research areas, we can offer new solutions from a single source and carry them through from conception to the final software product.

We are involved during the complete process from defininition to conception, feasibility, demonstration and implementation. We are happy to support each individual stage of this process. In many cases, individual steps can be handled within the framework of funded projects.

To give an example: a small Styrian business developed a solution for the management and optimization of transport tasks in hospitals. In order to present the solution more effectively on the market, better optimization algorithms and a new, scalable software architecture were needed. As part of an assessment for innovation, we analyzed the problem together and tested the basic feasibility. Subsequently, a feasibility study was conducted, whereby different route planning algorithms were investigated on the basis of specific requirements. Based on these results, an ultimate software solution was drafted from a middleware and implemented in some areas of DIGITAL. Further development, training and maintenance remain the responsibility of the client. In this way, this successful Styrian company could introduce an innovative product to the market without its own research department.

As another example, we were able to design and implement a solution for managing and visualizing national and international research collaborations rapidly and on the basis of existing software components. A web-based system was developed that was based on a decentralized system for recording cooperation data and that allowed one to search and filter by institution as well as geographically represent research cooperation between institutions. This example shows how tools from the area of collections management, used to query and manage information, can be combined with the latest methods to filter and present information from the Semantic Web, leading to the provision of comprehensive information services.