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DIGITAL – Institute for Information and Communication Technologies


DIGITAL is your trustworthy partner in the field of digital innovation and transformation and develops applied high tech solutions for the following markets: Mobility, Space, Industry, Security & Defence, Energy & Environment, AAL & Digital Care, and Culture & Creative Industries.  The institute is therefore one of the world's leading application-oriented research partners and authorities in the field of information and communication technology (ICT).

The technological and scientific platform of the Institute includes web and internet technologies, sensors and signal processors for images, radar, videos, and acoustics, as well as remote sensing, communication and navigation technologies. These technologies are developed and realized using robust methods for the development of hard- and software that provide application-oriented solutions. Experts in prototype development, project management and consultancy complement the excellent research expertise.

The Institute DIGITAL contributes to instrument development for digital image processing.
Dr. Merhala Thurai-Rajasingam of Colorado State University in the United States has published research that takes into account new techniques for...
We are investigating the properties of the so-called W band (75 GHz), which is to be used in future high-performance satellites. The picture shows a nanosatellite (3U CubeSat) developed by us with the researcher Michael Schmidt.

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A Nanosatellite for the ESA

The DIGITAL institute is conducting research on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA) into the next generation of communications satellites.

The 26th Ka and Broadband Communications Conference - Technische Konferenz für Satellitensysteme

Arlington, Virginia, USA, from 09:00 (multi-day)


MUTEC 2020 - Internationale Fachmesse für Museums- und Ausstellungstechnik

Leipzig, Deutschland, from 09:00 (multi-day)


Tunnel Safety and Ventilation 2020 - 10th International Conference

Austria, from 09:00 (multi-day)


IPAS 2020 - 9th International Precision Assembly Seminar -

Kitzbühel, from 09:00 (multi-day)


Radiodays Europe 2020 - The meeting point for the world of radio and audio.

LISBON CONGRESS CENTRE, from 10:00 (multi-day)