DIGITAL grows - New location in Carinthia

Starting next year, there will be a Digital Twin Lab at Lakeside Park Klagenfurt. The DIGITAL Institute is pleased about the expansion of the location and the new opportunities for research on the topic of digital twins.

Credit: Lakeside Science & Technology Park GmbH / Gert Steinthaler
Credit: Lakeside Science & Technology Park GmbH / Gert Steinthaler


The DIGITAL Institute is intensifying its activities in the south of Austria by establishing a location in Carinthia at Klagenfurt's Lakeside Park. This means that companies from the Carinthian region have a competent contact for digital technologies directly on site.

In the ramp-up phase, a Digital Twin Lab will be set up immediately, in which virtual images of reality will be created. This cutting-edge research topic enriches Carinthia as a research and development location. Virtual images of reality are now used in many areas. Whether simulations for highly automated driving, urban planning or medical applications, digital twins replace prototypes, enable comprehensive data exchange and provide information about the properties or behaviour of the represented object.

Initially, 100m2 of laboratory space and 130m2 of office space will be occupied and research equipment worth 1.3 million euros will be transferred from Graz to Klagenfurt. By 2027, a team of ten employees will be working on site. The establishment phase of the site is financially supported by the state of Carinthia, which holds a stake in JOANNEUM RESEARCH.

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