Mars-Rover in the Newspaper

In the newspaper Kleine Zeitung: "Perseverance" rover landed: Now Austrian technology is getting underway on Mars.

DI Gerhard Paar erfasst die Daten in der Mojave-Wüste (US) mit dem Mastcam-Z-Emulator MAZE der Arizona State University, Credit: Arizona State University
Gerhard Paar (JOANNEUM RESEARCH) capturing field data in Mojave Desert (US) using Mastcam-Z emulator MAZE by Arizona State University. Credit: Arizona State University

"The spectacular NASA rover "Perseverance" touched down on Mars on time and was followed from Earth via stream. Cooperation partner Joanneum Research in Graz is also rejoicing."

Gerhard Paar tells the Kleine Zeitung: "I am very happy with how the landing went - and very confident that we will get nice images and data."

You can read the article in the Kleine Zeitung of 19 February 2021 here.