Mobile Vision for Tourist Information Systems in Urban Environments

Publication from Digital

Fritz G., Seifert C., Paletta L., Luley P., Almer A.

, 7/2004


We describe a mobile vision system that is capable of automated object identification using images captured from a PDA or a camera phone. We present a solution for the enabling technology of outdoors vision based object recognition that will extend state-of-the-art location and context aware services towards object based awareness in urban environments. In the proposed application scenario, tourist pedestrians are equipped with GPS, W-LAN and a camera attached to a PDA or a camera phone. They are interested whether their field of view contains tourist sights that would point to more detailed information. Multimedia type data about related history, the architecture, or other related cultural context of historic or artistic relevance might be explored by a mobile user who is intending to learn within the urban environment. Ambient learning is in this way achieved by pointing the device towards the urban sight, capturing an image, and consequently getting information about the object on site and within the focus of attention, i.e., the user’s current field of view.


Additional informations: Proceedings International Conference on Mobile Learning, MLEARN 2004. Rome, Italy, July 5-6, 2004