The Close-Up Camera of the Marco-Polo-R Asteroid Mission, Science Objectives and Description

Publication from Digital

Josset, J.-L. and Souchon, A. and Josset, M. and Hofmann, B. and Leya, I. and Barucci, M.A. and Fornaiser, S. and Michel, P. and Hoffmann, H. and Schmitz, N. and Dotto, E. and Ferri, F. and Cellino, A. and Ehrenfreund, P. and Lara, L.M. and Grande, M. and Cockell, C. and Martins, Z. and Neubeck, A. and Korablev, O. and Ohtake, M. and Paar, G., Muinonen, K.

EPSC Abstracts , 1/2013