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Active and Assisted Living (AAL) & Digital Care

The impact of demographic change rises the awareness of society for the opportunities in digital health and care. This is also reflected by the European strategy for the transformation of healthcare in the Digital Single Market. Active and Assisted Living (AAL) and digital care are of great importance for DIGITAL, which is shown by numerous research projects with renowned partners in health and care.


The institute DIGITAL is since many years a leading ICT innovation partner for digital health and care applications, focussing on

  • Active and assisted living, e.g. AAL test regions, IoT, social robotics, virtual reality
  • Neurodegenerative diseases and mental health, e.g. serious games for persons with dementia, human factors lab, affective computing

… and with sound methodological competences in artificial intelligence, machine learning, medical imaging, and decision support.

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  • multimodAAL - Playful multimodal intervention, monitoring and decision support for activation of people with Alzheimer´s dementia
  • RegionAAL - Styrian AAL test region focused in the urban regions of Graz, Leibnitz and Deutschlandsberg
  • PLAYTIME - Playful Multimodal Daily Training, Diagnostics and Recommendation System within a Social Network
  • AktivDaheim - Playful activation of people with dementia by multimodal training and intelligent interaction
  • AMIGO - Analysis and motivation of training activities for people with dementia through social robotics with dialogue-based coaching
  • SenseCity - Basics for the development of positive experience in urban areas for the older adults through innovative AAL scenarios with a focus on sensor technology
  • BarLiberty - Barrier-free communication and navigation in public buildings
  • Study PotenzialAAL - Pflege
  • Learning4Generations - Intergenerational learning between students and seniors around the topics computer, internet and new media
  • Who cares? Interdisciplinary Aging Research in Styria
  • Smart VitAALity is a research project, developing and testing of technical system to support people in their everyday lives in the areas of health, well-being and social participation
  • U-TOPIA: Towards Empowering Older Persons Living with HIV
  • OpenSense: Open Innovation for Assessing the Potential of Virtual Mindfulness Training and Imagination for People with Dementia
  • INCLUDE: dIgitalizatioN as an opportunity for inCLUsion and DivErsity in new working environments
  • "Age has a future": Federal Government Research Agenda for Demographic Change
  • OptimaSteel - Holistic solutions to enhance the wellbeing and quality of life in the steel industry


digitAAL Life – Multimodal Activation of cognitive Performance


JOANNEUM RESEARCH is founding and board member of AAL AUSTRIA, the Austrian innovation platform for intelligent assistance in daily living.

Research presentations

"What is AAL" - Video AAL Austria

ANDA Pflege Symposium 2018

RegionAAL model apartment

Project video "Learn and Network"