PK/PD Studies

PK/PD in Adipose Tissue

Using OFM technology (aOFM), we continuously collect interstitial fluid and capture real-time data for the active profiles and insulin concentrations in subcutaneous adipose tissue.

Your Benefits
  • We combine glucose clamp technology with our OFM technology, which enables us to examine insulin concentration, insulin sensitivity and insulin effect in subcutaneous adipose tissue. This information can help us understand diseases such as diabetes more thoroughly.
  • aOFM can be used to perform reliable PK / PD studies. Such studies are invaluable when examining substances that act in subcutaneous adipose tissues, but are also essential when conducting basic research (e.g., studies on lipid metabolism and insulin resistance).
  • aOFM can provide valuable information very early in preclinical and clinical drug testing phases. For example, it can be used to show whether the drug actually reaches the desired target site following administration via oral, subcutaneous, topical, intravenous, or inhaled routes. Additionally, the Cmax_conc and Tmax_conc can be calculated from collected data.