Research Topics

LED and Lightin

Optical Packaging

  • Optimization of the color quality through optimized design of the the color conversion layers
  • Optimization of radiation characteristics, extraction efficiency and color quality of the LED modules and luminaires by the development of suitable (micro) lenses
  • Optimization of radiation characteristic s, extraction efficiency and color quality of LED modules and luminaires through the development of foil optics (diffractive, refractive, free-form micro-optics ...)
  • Reliability analyses and lifetime determination
  • Development and implementation of stress tests
  • Creation of time-to-failure models

Development of solutions for special lighting conditions

  • Wave guides for lighting
  • Optimization of outcoupling structures for directional and uniform lighting



  • Optimization of the light absorption by the cells
    • Antireflective and light trapping structures
    • Integration and development of conversion materials (down- and up-conversion)
    • Development of light guiding films for photovoltaic modules
    • Volume optics to reduce optical shadowing due to metallization
  • Innovative processes for electrical interconnections
    • Printed monolithic interconnections in thin film modules
    • Development of laser processes for electrical contacts
  • Organic Photovoltaics
  • Concentrator concepts
    • Optical design of solar concentration systems
    • Innovative solutions for optical and thermal integration