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Microfluidic Lab on a Foil Systems (Lab on Chip)

We offer

We offer our customers ranging from start-ups to large enterprises the services needed for the development and pilot line production of innovative and low cost microfluidic systems for

  • Point of care systems for molecular diagnostic
  • Mobile devices for food safety analysis
  • Smart phone based home diagnostics
  • Organ-on-a-chip solutions for personalized medicine
  • Chip based cell screening
  • Plant nutrient analysis
  • Cell culture substrates
  • Flow chemistry

Our expertise are miniaturized biosensors and integrated microfluidic systems (lab-on-a-chip devices) that are based on polymer materials. Starting from simulation, we are developing novel manufacturing processes based on both micro- and nanopatterning methods, digital printing technologies, special surface modifications as well as optics and electronics.

In this way, lab-on-a-chip devices with built-in optical or electronic detection systems are designed and can be used, for example, to identify pathogenic organisms, for food sampling, environmental analysis, or medical diagnostics.

Value Chain

We offer the complete technology range required for the development of microfluidic systems covering design and simulation – structuring – biochemical surface functionalisation – lamination – functional printing – laser cutting.


Roll-to-Roll manufacturing of microfluidic systems



Advantages for our customers

“Introducing roll-to-roll technologies for high-throughput manufacturing for diagnostic tests represents a quantum leap,” says SCIENION AG CEO Holger Eickhoff. “By offering such low cost flexible devices, this technology will soon be heading towards an unrivalled level of diagnostic device production.”

Lab on a Foil (microfluidic chip) for medical diagnostics, e.g. to detect antibiotic-resistant germs.

Foil based microfluidic chip used for medical diagnostics (e.g. for detection of antibiotics resistant bacteria). The chip is optimised for the in-vitro diagnostic platform GENSPEED® from GENSPEED Biotech GmbH

Lab on a Foil (microfluidic chips) for the MobiLab plant nutrient sensor from Pessl Instruments GmbH (capillary electrophoresis chips)

Foil based chips for the plant nutrient sensor MobiLab from Pessl Instruments GmbH (capillary electrophoresis chips)

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