Research group Tissue regeneration and wound healing


The core topics of the research group “Tissue regeneration and wound healing” are research in wound healing and skin regeneration, as well as the development and use of new technologies to improve wound healing and the treatment of wound healing disorders. Thereby, the focus is on the development and establishment of translational preclinical models that reflect the patient's situation as precisely as possible.


  • Development and evaluation of treatment methods with a focus on wound healing, chronic wounds and skin aging
  • Development and testing of dressing materials
  • Development and adaptation of test systems - models
    • Translational in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo (skin) models
  • Development and adaptation of translational (skin) models


  • Comparable evaluation methods for clinical and preclinical research to enabling a better comparability and transferability of data.
  • Wound documentation (3D photography including planimetry and volumetry)
    • Measurement of the skin quality (cutometer, reviskometer, tewameter)
    • Characterization of the skin perfusion (laser speckle contrast imaging, hyperspectral camera, thermal imaging camera)
    • gene expression (qPCR)
    • histology
    • protein analysis

In cooperation with the Medical University of Graz and JR-HEALTH, also other specific technologies such as flow cytometry, DNA/RNA sequencing, open flow microperfusion (OFM) and metabolomics are available.