Research Group Weather and Climate Risk Management


The Weather & Climate Risk Management group supports companies and society in coping with the risks arising from weather variability and climate change, wherever possible turning these risks into opportunities.

We combine exact (geographical), quantitative economic and meteorological information with consistent analysis and modelling. The recommendations derived from these analyses create added value for our customers in the following areas:

  • Risk Identification
    Newly developed risk measures such as Weather VaR (Value at Risk) enable our customers to rapidly focus on the most essential risks.
  • Impact Quantification
    The dynamic risks brought about by climate change can only be properly assessed using the latest technologies of actuarial modelling.
  • Climate Solutions & Climate Services
    Our leading and patented WEDDA® Toolbox (Weather Driven Demand Analysis) helps us create customised solutions for spa or ski resorts, beverage manufacturers, energy utilities or investment banks across Europe.