Research Group Future Energy Systems and Lifestyle


The research group "Future Energy Systems and Lifestyles" supports economy, politics and society on the way towards "climate neutrality". The basis for this is a sustainable energy system characterised by renewable energy, maximum energy efficiency, the provision of intelligent, demand-oriented energy services and products, as well as the involvement of users and consumers (e.g. transforming lifestyles). The goal is to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of society to a minimum (low-carbon economy) by co-developing sustainable products and services and supporting the social transformation to low-carbon lifestyles.

The competences of the interdisciplinary research group cover technical, economic, ecological and social aspects of energy technologies and energy systems as well as lifestyles. With its scientific methods, the research group aims to accompany both the economy and society on the transformation path towards "climate neutrality".

Core Competences

Our core competences cover:

  • Energy Systems Assessment
    We analyse and assess energy systems, products and services throughout their life cycle in terms of their impact on the environment, economy and society. The key methods include Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) (e.g. Carbon Footprint), Social Life Cycle Assessment (sLCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC). In order to help companies and their production chains on their way to "climate neutrality", their current status is ascertained by means of a climate balance. In addition, suitable implementation measures are defined using a roadmap and their climate impact is assessed.
  • Best Technology Choice
    We develop innovative value chains from raw materials to products in order to maximise environmental, social and economic benefit. Our internationally recognised expertise includes eco-mobility based on renewable fuels, energy storage technologies, biorefineries producing a spectrum of products and energy, and the increase of energy efficiency in companies, buildings and cities.
  • Lifestyle Transformation Tools
    We offer a broad development spectrum for measures and implementation concepts for sustainable energy technologies, energy systems and climate lifestyle transformation tools for the economy and the public sector. We develop and implement methods and theoretical fundamentals for recording and representing energy and low-carbon lifestyles, methods and strategies including conflict management systems for the involvement of users and other stakeholders in questions of technology and lifestyle development and resource use.