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Competence Group Urban Living Lab


Due to the many years of experience of its employees, the competence group Urban Living Lab has a well-founded methodological competence in the modelling of traffic and design of urban space. New procedures for the measuring, modelling and evaluation of spatial behaviour, in particular traffic behaviour are employed in order to gain new insights. Another purpose of these procedures is to solve problems related to urban and spatial development, develop analysis and evaluation methods and examine interactions between new mobility technologies and services (and associated challenges for spatial development).

Thus, the research area “Urban LIFE” focusses on sustainable urban and spatial organisation and the pursuit of the “good life” based on our transdisciplinary expertise and many years of experience in national and international projects.

Our research and implementation activities in the area of the Urban Living Lab are focussed on the following:

  • Agent-based mobility modelling, in which the behaviour of individuals or decision-makers is depicted in order to provide a realistic illustration of a traffic system
  • Shaping spatial solutions, in which the interaction between sustainability aspects and spatial organisation is depicted as a computer-aided model and simulation
  • Urban Living Lab, in which traditional (survey) and new (mobile phone data) data-acquisition techniques are used and innovative approaches (tracking apps) are developed further

Work results include documentation, analysis, expert reports, methods, model cases as well as indicators and criteria for the evaluation and control of infrastructure and spatial planning. These results may lead to possible recommendations for action, strategies and measures for urban transformation and regeneration processes.

As the first research group in Austria specialising in agent-based traffic modelling, the competence group Urban Living Lab strives to occupy a central position in the national research institute with the perspective of attaining a prominent position within the international research community over the medium and long term.