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Light and Optical Technologies

Head of Research Group
Phone:+43 316 876-3201
Fax+43 316 8769-3201

The focus of our work is on the use of light as a tool in novel technologies for energy-efficient lighting, energy generation (photovoltaics), signal and data transmission, sensor technology and material processing. In addition, we develop the corresponding manufacturing methods and integrate them into industrial production processes.

  • Simulation of optimised novel (micro-) optical elements and structures for colour mixing, light control (diffractive and refractive optical elements), light coupling and light transmission (e. g. for solid-state lighting, LED)

  • Design and rapid prototyping of optical elements and structures

  • Transfer of (micro-)optical elements and structures into close-to-production prototypes and first steps in process development

  • Optical analysis as well as physical and chemical characterisation of macroscopic and microscopic films, structures and waveguides