HEALTH is recertified according to GLP!
We are pleased to announce that JOANNEUM RESEARCH HEALTH has successfully renewed the GLP certification for its analytical laboratory, confirming…
Joanneum research health stress loc
A clinical study at Med Uni Graz investigates whether chronic stress, which already existed before the infection with the coronavirus, can lead to…
successfully achieved the transition to MDR compliance

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MDR compliance

Joanneum Research HEALTH successfully achieved the transition to MDR (Medical Device Regulation) compliance.
Metabolic differences in cardiomyopathy
A study led by Dr. Michael Paulus and PD Dr. Alexander Dietl of the University of Regensburg together with the metabolomics team (DI Elmar Zügner,…
Dr Thomas Birngruber, head of the research group "Biomedical Tissue Monitoring" at the Institute HEALTH of JOANNEUM RESEARCH.
Developing the basis for a new drug to treat Fabry disease is the goal of the EU project Smart4Fabry. The HEALTH Institute of JOANNEUM RESEARCH is a…
Optimized Clinical Dermal Open Flow Microperfusion Study Design to Demonstrate Bioequivalence Based on Cutaneous Pharmacokinetics
A grant awarded to JOANNEUM RESEARCH HEALTH focuses on optimizing clinical study designs and data analysis techniques that can support a comparative…
dOFM Partnership

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Call for partnership

JOANNEUM RESEARCH HEALTH is seeking a limited number of clinical partners to adopt the Clinical Dermal Open Flow Microperfusion ( dOFM™) development…
HEALTH ist Partner des AHF 2022
The Austrian Health Forum (AHF) will take place in Schladming from May 12 to 14, 2022.
[Translate to English:] Certified Laboratory of biocrates - JOANNEUM RESEARCH HEALTH
We are happy and proud to announce that JOANNEUM RESEARCH’s Metabolomics Laboratory has now been certified as reference laboratory for biocrates.
Franz Feichtner
Franz Feichtner replaced Frank Sinner as director of HEALTH at the beginning of the year and now heads the HEALTH institute at the ZWT in Graz…
20 Years of Cutting-Edge Research in the Health Sector
HEALTH - Institute of Biomedicine and Health Sciences at JOANNEUM RESEARCH researches medical technology solutions to improve people's lives. Now the…
CRO Services

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CRO Services

CRO Services: Service Provider for Research Projects
Lab in 360° degrees

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Lab in 360° degrees

360°: Visit our certified laboratory virtually
Collecting antibodies and large molecule biomarkers in mouse interstitial brain fluid: MS vs cOFM
In the latest issue of the Journal MABS, Florie Le Prieult and colleagues from AbbVie Germany published latest results they observed after measuring…
Anita Eberl im Labor
A study by the University of Zurich was recently published in the Journal of Hepatology, which investigated the connection between sugar intake and…
Take a virtual 360° tour through our certified lab facilities
We are pleased to announce that JOANNEUM Research HEALTH has successfully renewed the GLP certification for its analytical laboratory, strengthening…
HEALTH ist verantwortlich für die Insulinanalytik, die statistische Auswertung, das klinische Datenmanagement und das Qualitätsmanagement
In a cooperative contract research project, HEALTH and Med Uni Graz have tested a new insulin in a clinical phase 1 study on behalf of Arecor.
BARS – Real World Data for COVID-19 Risk Stratification
JOANNEUM RESEARCH’s Benchmarking and Reporting Service – BARS - can be utilised for COVID-19 risk stratification. Dr. Klaus Donsa, Head of Clinical…
The Forum is a discussion framework on digital solutions for the European Common Health DataSpace in times of COVID-19

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ScanBalt Digital Forum

The Forum provides a framework for discussions on digital solutions for the European Common Health DataSpace. HEALTH presents an example of best…
FFG Emergency-Call Covid-19: Which services does JOANNEUM RESEARCH offer?
JOANNEUM RESEARCH HEALTH specializes in services within the framework of clinical studies. We can provide expertise in the areas of clinical data…
Foundation of the competence group "Data Management and Biostatistics"
HEALTH continues its successful development with the establishment of the competence group "Data Management and Biostatistics" in January 2020.
FDA published Video about OFM

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FDA published Video about OFM

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently published a video showing the potential of dermal open-flow microperfusion (dOFM) for generic drug…
BASi and JOANNEUM RESEARCH Commercialize Open Flow Microperfusion in America
Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:BASI) ("BASi" or the "Company"), a recognized global leader in the development of instrumentation for…
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From 17.-21. July the Medical University of Graz hosts the International Summer School for Wound Management under the organisation of Univ.-Prof. Dr.…
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Dermal open flow microperfusion a patented sampling system developed at HEALTH is used in the development of new bioequivalence tests. Recently…
Longevity elixir spermidine also has a protective effect on the heart muscle
A new sensational discovery of the international autophagy research team with the participation of JOANNEUM RESEARCH can be reported. Under the…
New glucose sensor technology

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New glucose sensor technology

First clinical trial of an optical single-port glucose sensor on a commercial insulin infusion set
Gunnar Libiseller wins research prize "Ing. F. Schmiedl Forschungspreis 2014/2015"
Dr. Gunnar Libiseller (Institute HEALTH) received the „Ing. F. Schmiedl Forschungspreis 2014/2015" on November 10th, 2015. Together with statisticians…