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Connected Computing

Head of Research Group
Phone:+43 316 876-1136
Fax+43 316 876-1191

We revolutionise the access and networking of information and media in complex, networked application environments on the basis of new software architectures and technologies. The research group is an integral component at the very core of DIGITAL’s activities with research focussed on data analysis – insights gained from data and media, cloud and service-based software architecture, Internet of Things, information management and the accessibility of information.

  • Information Management
    Modern software solutions for the production and administration of information, particularly for the preservation of cultural heritage.
  • Industrial Internet
    Process optimisation via the analysis of sensor data streams from the Internet of Things.
  • Smart Media
    Intelligent media monitoring and development of new media forms arising from the merging of radio broadcasting and internet.
  • Cyber-Security
    Ensuring information security in complex networked IT systems.