Connected Computing

Head of Research Group


We revolutionize the access and cross-linking of information and media in complex, connected application environments on the basis of new software architectures and technologies.

We are a globally renowned research and development partner for industry to solve challenges in the context of digital transformations and to develop innovative solutions. With our know-how, we contribute significantly to providing new insights from connected systems and data, as well as to offering decision support and enabling automatic control of processes.

We focus on the topic of "Modern Information Management" and the associated key technologies of cloud/edge computing including data analytics with connected sensor technology. We provide customized digital platforms for smart workflows. In this process, the entire horizontal value chain is considered, from data collection to exploitation.

Our high level of competence in the area of application-oriented software development enables us to develop professional software solutions to support work processes. With our digital.Culture product family (imdas pro, archivis pro, anitqua pro, culture.Web and culture.Catalog), we are one of the leading solution providers of database systems for modern and efficient cultural institutions.

Joint developments in the area of connected sensor technology and associated data analysis have led to excellent networks with industry in the areas of production and manufacturing as well as electronic-based systems.


Our offer:

  • Industry: IoT solutions in the industrial environment with a focus on data analytics with connected sensor technology (Industrial Internet).
  • Culture and Media: solutions for the preservation of and knowledge about our cultural heritage, especially with the established digital.Culture product family around imdas pro.
  • Human-centered computing: innovative applications in the area of home care (Digital Care), for example for multimodal activation in neurodegenerative diseases.