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Scientific Publications

4616 publications:

One- and two-photon activity of cross-conjugated photoinitiators with bathochromic shift

C. Heller, N. Pucher, B. Seidl, K. Kalinyaprak-Icten, G. Ullrich, L. Kuna, V. Satzinger, V. Schmidt, H. C. Lichtenegger, J. Stampfl, R. Liska

Optimizing the greenhouse gas benefits of bioenergy systems

B. Schlamadinger, R. Edwards, K. A. Byrne, A. Cowie, A. Faaij, C. Green, S. Fijan-Parlov, L. Gustavsson, T. Hatton, N. Heding, K. Kwant, K. Pingoud, M. Ringer, K. Robertson, B. Solberg, S. Soimakallio, S. Woess-Gallasch

Options for trading bioenergy products and services

Schlamadinger B., Faaij A., Junginger M., Daugherty E., Woess-Gallasch S.

The Acoustic Situation at the St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna

M. Fellner, F. Graf, G. Graber, J. Egger, T. Rohde

The Beagle 2 stereo camera system

A.D. Griffiths, A.J. Coates, J.-L. Josset, Paar G., B. Hofmann, D. Pullan, P. Rüffer, M.R. Sims and C.T. Pillinger

The EU Emissions Trading Scheme and Biomass.

Schwaiger Hannes, Tuerk A., Arasto Antti, Vehlow Jürgen, Kautto Niina, Sijm J.P.M., Hunder Marzena, Brammer John

Treibhausgas-Emissionen aus Biogasanlagen

S. Woess-Gallasch , P. Enzinger , G. Jungmeier, R. Padinger