"complAI": Collaborative Model-Based Process Assessment for trustworthy AI in Robotic Platforms

Development of an assistance system to support organisations in the use of AI

Project content

Organisations that want to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) in their existing or new business processes are often faced with great uncertainty regarding the use and potential impact of the applied methods. This refers to a variety of concerns regarding possible ethical and legal implications, societal aspects as well as technical issues such as security, performance or reliability.

Within the framework of complAI, the project team is developing an assistance system to support / guide organisations in using  AI. Relevant ethical, legal, safety and security requirements will be assessed by a model-based risk management using a software tool. For this investigation, the team chooses the safe, secure, ethical- and legal compliant execution of processes on industrial robotic platform, which perform both through certified and trustworthy processes.

Project information
  • Call: FFG programme "Ideen Lab 4.0" - call 2019
  • Project number: 878804
  • Project period: 02/2020 - 01/2021