MMAssist II: Assistance systems for the production sector in the context of human - machine cooperation

In the national lead project MMAssist II PROFACTOR GmbH coordinates 24 Partners from R&D as well as industry and services in order to develop technologies that assist people in the production process. The scientific management belongs to the Center for Human-Computer Interaction - University of Salzburg. From JOANNEUM RESEARCH the institutes  DIGITAL and ROBOTICS are involved as project partners.

Project objective

The goal of the Austrian flagship project MMAssist II is to research and implement modular and reusable assistance systems for employees in production companies. Furthermore, the project partners will work on exemplary use-cases in order to analyze the technical and socio-economic requirements for such assistance systems. For this purpose, partners will implement modular components for assistance systems, so-called “Assistance Units”. Assistance Units are defined in a way so that they can be applied to different application scenarios. In order to measure and evaluate the efficiency and practicability of the project and its approach, the partners will implement lab-based prototypes out of the defined Assistance Units and test them in real production environments.

The research groups Mechatronic Systems and Robotic Systems from ROBOTICS are involved in the following areas:

  • Analysis of assistance tasks considering safety for protecting the system and the human physically and also security for identifying and detecting security vulnerabilities at early stages.
  • Development of attack-handling methods on the assistance system and elaboration of corresponding measures for the security-technical protection.
  • Increase of the sustainable physical safety of employees by using the results of risk assessments in assistance systems as well as using application-specific force and pressure measurements.

Production of the Future - 18th call

FFG (Austian Research Promotion Agency) flagship Project



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